Pineapple Margaritas

pineapple margarita

I made these pineapple margarita on Monday for Cinco de Mayo and they were a big hit. I got a few requests for the recipe so I decided to start a new category on the blog for alcoholic concoctions. Pineapple juice and tequila go together beautifully — as evidenced by the many nights in my… 

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Simple and Delicious Guacamole

guacamole new

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!!!  I would love to be unpredictable and chart my own course by posting a recipe for lasagna or meatloaf but who am I kidding… I’m definitely going with my favorite guac recipe today. Guacamole is pretty simple… avocados, lime, cilantro and salt. Those are the only things you really need… 

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Marinated Tomato Salad

marinated tomatoes

Perhaps you’re noticing the massive displays of tomatoes taking over your grocery store? Yep… its almost summer.  Time to start enjoying all of the bright beautiful varieties of tomatoes that are out there. This quick marinated salad is the perfect way to use a wide variety of tomatoes. The acidity and salt really highlight the… 

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