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Deems: \dee-eems\ noun: a sweetheart and a scoundrel; a pretend marathon runner, wine enthusiast and future owner of a pug named RZA;  a girl with an unparalled passion for dinner with friends, laughs with family and enjoying every drop of life; a lawyer by day and an eater of avocados straight from the shell by night; a girl who makes puns with the word pho; nickname for Dimia.




Feeding people is absolutely my favorite thing to do— nothing makes me happier than an “mmmm” from a friend and the day my little brothers told me my brownies were delicious was one of the proudest days of my teenage life. Cooking is how I express my feelings for the people around me: if you’re sick, I want to make you some fresh chicken broth; if you just got a promotion, I think you should come over for some risotto; if its snowing, we’ll be watching movies at my house because I have a huge pot of chili going; if I have a crush on you, then I’m going to make you some miso glazed salmon; and if I make my oxtails for you, then we definitely go together.

When I first moved to New York, to a beautiful brownstone block in Harlem, the city seemed huge and overwhelming to me. Finding a community here seemed impossible. But I did— and oh what a community it is. I found a circle of friends that is strong, supportive, ambitious, hilarious and loving. And every few months it grows a little bit more as I host a Sunday dinner, a taco night or Friendsgiving at my house. There are so many people who I met for the first time because someone invited them along to dinner at my house and pouring them a drink and making them a plate was all the introduction we needed to understand that we were going to be really great friends.

Food is what really brings us all together. Meals together are the moments when we learn about each other, when we see our commonality and forget our differences and when we grow in love. They are often my favorite moments. Showing my love through food is my way of nourishing the stunning relationships and amazing people in my life.

Welcome to my blog! I am so happy to share some of my favorite recipes as well as my love of food, family and friends with you — but mostly the food part.

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