Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


After five years in the work force, one of the best lessons I’ve learned is that the goodwill you garner by offering baked goods will come in handy when you’re having trouble with an excel table or really need someone to get on a call with you on a Friday afternoon. In work, as in… 

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Croissant Nutella Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding 5

For my birthday brunch this year, one of the things that I made was croissant nutella bread pudding. I bought 70 croissants at Costco, spread them out all over my living room to get stale, and then my spirit animal/friend Julie spent 2 hours, at 3am tearing them into pieces and smearing each piece with a… 

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Berry Trifle with Lemon-Basil Curd


Happy Friday Everyone! I’m in a superb mood today because its my wife’s birthday. My friend Lauryn just got a little more fabulous, a little more fun and a little more gorgeous today. And not a day older. I met Lauryn three years ago when we both showed up early to a brunch. There were… 

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Chocolate Mousse

Mousse- no spoon

Big Daddy Kane once said that “pimpin ain’t easy.” I can’t comment on how true that may be, but I’ll definitely assert that “desserts ain’t easy either, dude.” There is a reason why culinary schools have entire degree programs devoted to the pastry arts — it is an incredibly difficult and exacting process to make… 

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