Gumbo 2

Last week I woke up to a text message from my particularly homesick friend, Taylor, asking me how I’d feel about making some gumbo for a “girls night” at my place. How would I feel about it? Umm… I’d feel AWESOME! There was also the added benefit of getting to do something nice for Taylor… 

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My Famous Meatballs

meatballs copy

I use the word “famous” very loosely here. They are only famous to the group of girlfriends I invited over last fall for a random girls night dinner. After that night I received half a dozen requests of the recipe and my friend Mia randomly texts me about them once a month–either to ask for… 

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Homemade Tomato Sauce

tomato sauce copy

I’m heading to Jacksonville this weekend to visit my friend Imani. In addition to my relief about escaping the dreary New York weather for some sun, I am super excited to see her new apartment!!!! She just moved to Florida a couple of months ago after getting an amazing new job where she gets to… 

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