Asian Glazed Baked Wings


Sooooo…. yeah, I’m sorry — I know I haven’t posted in 2 months — major fail on my part. The last two months have involved a ton of travel (pictures of delicious Italian food to come), some much needed family time at my parents’ house and a crazy-busy month at work.  All that being said… 

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Mediterranean Lamb “Burgers” with Tzatziki Sauce

lamb burger 2

Tzatziki sauce is seriously one of my favorite things in life. Not sauces… not condiments… things! Whats not to love about a refreshing mixture of cucumber, garlic and fresh herbs folded in to luscious Greek yogurt with a touch of olive oil thrown in for good measure? The best part about tzatziki is that its incredibly cheap and… 

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Steak with Garlic-Herb Butter


I love Valentine’s Day soooooo much!  I know its a fake, commercialized holiday and all that…but I just love it! The hearts, the cards, the candy, the flowers, the teddy bears — sigh… so great! Love is awesome and even though it should be celebrated every day, I’m all about celebrating it a little bit more on February 14th…. 

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My Famous Meatballs

meatballs copy

I use the word “famous” very loosely here. They are only famous to the group of girlfriends I invited over last fall for a random girls night dinner. After that night I received half a dozen requests of the recipe and my friend Mia randomly texts me about them once a month–either to ask for… 

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